Séminaire « freshwater in Earth’s rivers »

Cédric DAVID (Research scientist, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory/California Institute of Technology) donnera une présentation intitulée « Observing and Simulating Earth’s Surface Waters«  le Jeudi 28 Avril à 14h en salle Coriolis et via webinaire. 

Résumé – The freshwater in Earth’s rivers, lakes and reservoirs might be small (in volume), but it is also mighty (in flow). As such, surface waters are the most accessible and the most renewable sources of freshwater, and can be argued to be the key to water sustainability. Yet, our ability to monitor and simulate the stores and fluxes of water on Earth’s continents is still relatively limited. In this presentation, we will time-travel from early global river models, to the birth of continental-scale hydrographic datasets, to the digital simulation of river flow aided by high performance computers, and look forward towards merging computer models with global observations of rivers from Earth orbiting satellites; with implications for the upcoming Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission and the planned Small Altimetry Satellites for Hydrology (SMASH).[Présentation en anglais, et questions en français !]

Lien Zoom:https://cnrs.zoom.us/j/94171974733?pwd=UW9NOXFjaFpnbUc1S0NvejNhbXRDQT09
Meeting ID: 941 7197 4733
Passcode: 28avri

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Journée CNES Innovation – 17 mai

Le programme de la journée CNES Innovation vient de paraitre : https://www.cnes-innovation.fr/programme-2022/ Le thème : Espace et développement durable.  Où Richard Moreno, Directeur technique de la RI Data Terra nous parlera du programme Destination Earth…on parlera aussi de jumeaux numérique, d’IA… Pour s’inscrire: https://wd.cborg.info/JI2022/index.html